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Happy New Year!

On behalf of this community we wish you a fulfilling 2007 beyond your wildest dreams! :)

We will start the miraculous 44-day Prosperity Plan on Jan 8th 2007 so any of you who'd like to upgrade your relationship with money, do come and join us (For details, please refer to my post on Dec 30th 2006).

Like magic, manifestation is such a fun and rewarding process that once you get a taste of it, you'll feel compelled to find out more. Unlike magic, what you manifest is not just a moment of glamor, but something tangible and lasting. Once you become good at it, you can apply the same principles to help others as well. :)

We will be revealing the secrets of manifestation in bite-size for you to savor. If you are new to this arena, just relax and enjoy the ride. We will be taking you to fun places to try them all out yourself. Please feel free to share your questions, concerns, experiences, and success stories. If you are experienced in manifesting, please give us the joy to know your journey. We would love to hear from you!

If you have any new year resolutions, dreams, goals, intentions, you would like our support in manifesting, .

** This is all you need to know to get started:

You're welcome to POST:

If you have something you want our support in manifesting in your life, you can simply tell us in your own words what you want/need, your dreams, your goals, just like chatting to a friend you trust.

You can also email your post directly to us: being22together@yahoo.co.uk if you need the privacy.

Visioning: When somebody post what they want, please see and/or sense that they have already received what they dream for. The most important thing is to see and feel they're genuinely happy: celebrating their satisfying new experience with their whole body! If you would, please describe for them what you see and/or sense. If you're short of time, please vision for them, and simply post "namaste" (the perfection in me sees the perfection in you) and finish the comment with "May the above, or something better manifest in your life."


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